Teaching information is hosted by the University of Liege servers (links below). Course notes and presentation slides are available to students through MyULg.

Master’s student projects (travaux de fin d’étude TFE)

has its own page for proposed subjects

Courses taught:

PHYS3027: Elements of Physics I: Mechanics
1st year Baccalaureate course for Computer Scientists on Mechanics

PHYS3028: Elements of Physics II: EM
1st year Baccalaureate course for Computer Scientists on Electromagnetism

PHYS0046: Quantum Physics and applications to condensed matter
Master’s course for Physics Engineers on Hartree Fock, DFT and perturbation theories (DFPT, TDDFT, MBPT)

PHYS0055: Introduction to condensed matter physics
3rd year Baccalaureate course for Engineers on the basics of condensed matter physics

PHYS0060: Structure and Symmetry
2nd year Baccalaureate course for Physicists on crystallography, spatial symmetries, and notions of condensed matter physics

PHYS3012: Electronic and vibrational spectroscopies
Master’s course for Physicists and Physics Engineers on using DFT/TDDFT to calculate spectra of molecules and solids

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