Housing in Liege

Informations for students:

Ulg website
Fedé (students federation)
ESN (Erasmus student network)


immoweb.be (most popular site – many agencies re-advertize through this)
Ulg site (Restricted access: need ULg userid for this)
Kot a liege (student rooms, studios, shared appartments)

appartager appartment sharing web site
Meuse Campus (furnished appartments across from the main ULg building pl XX aout)
Agency Carine Conti

Advertisments (including housing):

Ulg site (Small ads for all kinds of stuff. Need ULg userid for this)

Useful Shops (furnitures, etc…)

Porte de Liège 4342, Belgium; Lundi-jeudi: 10h – 20h  Vendredi: 10h – 21h Samedi: 9h – 20h

CASHCONVERTER (2nd hand shop for appliances and electronic stuff)
- Boulevard Cuivre et Zinc, 12 4030 Liege (à côté de Buro Market); Tél : 04/341.12.50; Du lundi au samedi de 10h00 à 18h00
- Rue des Français, 433 4430 Ans (à 100 m du Cora); Tél : 04/247.50.44; Du lundi au samedi de 10h00 à 18h00
-Rue Lemonnier 1 4100 Seraing (à côté du Trafic); Tél : 04/336.01.36; Du lundi au samedi de 10h00 à 12h30 et de 13h30 à 18h00

TROC (2nd hand shop for fornitures)
- Rue de l’ Yser, 76-82, B-4430, Ans; du Lundi au Samedi de 10h à 18h30 fermé le Dimanche;  Tel : 00 32 4 24 74 69 7
- Rue Puits Marie, 82, 4100, Seraing; du Lundi au Samedi de 10h à 18h30 fermé le Dimanche; Tel : 00 32 4 33 75 84 1
-Boulevard de l’Ourthe, 15 B-4032, Chênée; du Lundi au Samedi de 09h30 à 18h fermé le Dimanche; Tel : 00 32 4 36 11 95 3
- 2ememain.be

HARD WARE (Tools, nails, screws)
–Brico near the opera house in Liege

Food stores (grocery stores)
The city of Liege offers possibly hundreds of small shops that offer basic food items. Including fresh meats, poultry, fish, fruits, and vegetables. In addition, stores such as Delhaize and Carefour offer much more variety and are more of a general convenience store.

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