Nicholas Pike

Email: Nicholas.Pike [at]

I am interested in calculating the transport properties of two dimensional materials using a Boltzmann equation approach to calculate the transport coefficients and in calculating the effects of impurities or absorbed atoms on the surface of these two dimensional materials. In addition to this work, I hope to investigate the transport properties of phonons and the interplay between electron and phonon transport in materials in which their is a strong interaction between the electron and phonon baths.

Research Interests
Boltzmann transport in two and three dimensional materials
Propagation of Plasmonic waves in lattice structures
Propagation of Magonic waves in lattice structures
Magnetism in Graphene and other two dimensional materials

Publication List:
All my publications can be found by clicking the following links:
Google Scholar

Brief CV:
2016- Current: Post-doctoral researcher, The University of Liege, Department of Physics, Liege, Belgium
2015: Lecture of Physics, The Ohio State University, Department of Physics, Columbus, OH, USA
2009-2014: Graduate Student, The Ohio State University, Department of Physics, Columbus, OH, USA
2005-2008: Undergraduate Student, Grand Valley State University, Department of Physics, Allendale, MI, USA

May 2015: Ph.d Thesis: “Energy Dispersion, Magnetism, and Transport in  Three Condensed Matter Systems” Link here

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