List of past and planed seminars hosted in the Nanomat lab (Physique des Matériaux et Nanostructures – Physics of Nanostructures and Materials). The nanomat lab is focussed on Theoretical Material Science targeting various applications such as Spintronics, materials for optics and energy saving. Our series of seminars are therefore focussed primarily on theoretical methods to study materials such as density functional theory (DFT) and experiments focussing on chemical and structural effects on physical properties.

All our seminars are live-streamed on Twitch. If you want to receive information regarding the dates and abstracts of the next seminars, please register here.

The 15.12.2020 at 11h15, we welcome Dr. Fabrice Catoire from the CELIA in Bordeaux.

M. Van Setten “Attoscience and lithography: how to connect them using ab initio”

D. Lacour “Hot electrons transport in devices combining tunnel and Schottky barriers”

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