D. Lacour

Hot electrons transport in devices combining tunnel and Schottky barriers
Christopher Vautrin, Daniel Lacour, et al.

We have unveiled experimentally a new interfacial trapping phenomenon occurring during hot electrons injection in silicon [1]. The transport measurements indicate that an interfacial charge trapping and a backscattering-induced collector current limitation take place when the temperature is lower than 25 K. This results in a rapid decrease of the magneto-current ratio. In this presentation we will demonstrate an electrical control of this trapping effect thanks to a magnetic tunnel transistor made on wafer bonded substrate [2]. A model taking into account the effects of both electric field and temperature will be
presented. It closely reproduces the experimental results and allows extraction of the trapping binding energy (1.6 meV). We will also discuss the difficulties encountered during realization of equivalent devices having out of plane magnetizations. Links between Schottky barriers preparation techniques and the existence of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in a CoNi multilayer will be established. A solution to join in the same devices a Schotkky barrier and perpendicular anisotropy will be revealed [3]. Then if the times allows it the thickness and angular dependence of magneto-current of hot electrons will be discussed on the basis of results obtained on devices having out of plane magnetizations [4].
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