Bin Xu

bxu [at]
Tel: +32 4 366 2125

Thermoelectric material is promising, but its application is still limited due to its relatively low efficiency. Besides that it is practically useful, studying the transport phenomena involves rich physics (electron-phonon and phonon-phonon interactions, spin Seebeck). We are looking for the predicting power from first-principles calculations, combined with solution to Boltzmann’s transport equation.

My previous work mainly focused on ab initio study of thermodynamic properties of solids, and solid-to-solid phase transitions. In particular, I was interested in the kinetics of pressure-induced reconstructive and displacive phase transitions, where the transformation pathways and the kinetic barriers (which makes diamond precious) were predicted. I have also worked on the oxidation mechanism of SiC and SiCO.

Brief history

2011  — 2013     Université de Liège

Postdoctoral Researcher

2009 — 2010         The University of Texas at Arlington

Postdoctoral Researcher

2003 — 2009         Auburn University

Ph.D. in Physics (Computational Condensed Matter Physics)

Dissertation: Theoretical Study of Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions and Thermal Properties for Main-Group Oxides and Nitrides

1998 — 2003         University of Science and Technology of China

B.S. in Physics (Applied Physics)

Publications and presentations

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