ULG administration

Contact people in ULG & overall useful web sites in ULg.ac.be

One of the first things you will have to do is activate your ulg user id. Check the logins/printing page for this.

One of the frequent things you will do is go to conferences and be reimbursed.

For foreigners arriving: Mrs Brigitte Ernst (brigitte.ernst@ulg.ac.be) is in charge of giving you information and manages the EURAXESS web site. She is very helpful and knows who to point you to for all of your incoming needs.

Human resources and personnel services have many people you may end up interfacing with. The contact for temporary scientific staff is normally Valerie Guillaume (Tel 5533 Valerie.Guillaume@ulg.ac.be)

If you have kids you are probably eligible to receive child support (allocations familiales). Contact Ludivine Depas (ludivine.depas@ulg.ac.be) to see about forms and so on. You need to have everyone properly registered and to obtain a “Composition de Menage” from the city hall (list of people living together in your family).

Obtaining the ULg badge

The badge is a document stating that you are an employee of ULg. Its main utility is to get a discount for the meals at the canteen, plus a number of other services (http://www.ulg.ac.be/cms/a_21891/fr/advantages-ulg).

To obtain the badge you need to:
- Upload you picture in the “Répertoire du personnel”, i.e. the personnel inventory where you should already have a record to edit: http://my.ulg.ac.be > répertoire
- send a badge email request to helpacces@ulg.ac.be

You will be notified by email when you can go and retrieve the badge at: Bât. B9 – Cellule sécurité, Sart-Tilman Campus, Bd de Colonster 2. See also this link

Repairs of lamps, stuff with the building etc…

You need to fill in a request online, through myulg -> Batiments -> Intervention ARI ->

usually you are looking for “Bâtiments : réparations, rafraîchissements, petits aménagements…” or “Electricité”: click on “formulaire” and fill it out with Matthieu’s name, your uXXXXX id and the room number etc… In French is better…



The sports center is in front of the University Hospital CHU, and quite close to the department on foot (10 min along the path behind the dept). Register and get a card from the RCAE

Language and other classes

The univeristy provides a bunch of (usually free) classes of French, English, Dutch etc… Registration is through the University web site at the beginning of the academic year (sometimes at the beginning of the second semester).

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